Borghamns Youth Hostel


Phone: 0143-20368

Email: info@borghamn.com

Borghamns Vandrarhem

Borghamnsvägen 1

592 93 Borghamn

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Reservation Request

Here you can send a reservation request to the Hostel. If there are vacant rooms in the Hostel the Hostel will be booking and you will return with a confirmation. Note that the reservation is not valid until you receive confirmation and the booking becomes definitive. This means you must cancel your place at the Hostel by 18:00 the day before the arrival of any encumbrances. If you wish to book accommodation and it is less than 48 hours left to arrival you must call the Hostel on Phone 0143-20368 to book.

Reservation request for the hostel. Text with * are mandatory to fill in.  
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Multi-bed rooms 195 SEK / bed, number of beds*
Double room 450 SEK/ room, number of rooms*
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Information The Reservations is provisional until you receive confirmation.